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best school to attend?

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I have been thinking long and hard becoming a lineman. Everything is telling me that this could be what I have been looking for and that I should go to school. I have been looking at different schools and they all sound good and seem to cost about the same. Just like any product or service they promise the moon so I am looking for an objective opinion by those in the field as to which school is the best school for training and which schools name will carry the most weight with employers. Also if anyone could please give me a realistic idea of what to expect post school in terms of how long it will take to find a job and what starting pay for someone right out of school would be about I would be happy.

After poking around the internet I have found a short list of schools that offer lineman training if you have attended school there or know anything about them id love a review and a recommendation for or against going there.

Northwest Lineman College

North American Lineman Center

Southeast Lineman Training Center

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