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  1. splicer's color wheel

    I hate to revive this again, but I can't find the wheel. I had one a few years ago but it got removed from the truck i drove (line crew). I am now a do everything tech, and the wheel would be a good help in finding a particular pair. I looked around Superior Essex website but couldn't find it. Any suggestions for where or which company makes it?
  2. Question on SMUD testing

    I'm going there too, next weekend. I've searched, and some say it has typical electricity questions, and a bunch of long(reading comprehension) math problems. One mention of Trig, but I'm not seeing how that helps a lineman do a pole transfer. I'm hoping to move from the phone side to the power side.
  3. OSHA pole climbing requirements

    Trying to find that bit of info on OSHA website is nearly impossible.
  4. OSHA pole climbing requirements

    I just heard some horrible news that all employees that climb will be required to use the butt squeez belt system. It is allegedly starting 1st of next year.
  5. AT&T Outside Plant Tech training

    OT is a hit and miss. After a while, you could go on the all vs pole.
  6. AT&T Outside Plant Tech training

    The climbers are provided. Dont stress about climbing, just takes a while to get used to. All necessary tools are provided. They have some good trucks there too.
  7. AT&T Outside Plant Tech training

    I have been one for 16 years, is there anything in particular you wanted to know? The Santa Clara guys are a great bunch! I've worked with them a couple times. There are a TON of back yard easements there, which is where you get climbing so much. It is for sure, one of THE best jobs in the company. The description is pretty good that Gary posted. The first 2 weeks cover climbing, then you get some Line school(It wasnt there for me, but all the new guys go to it).  These days, you dont get much help with the license. Study the air brakes part the most, it's the big one. The guys on the crew will help you get practice. 98% of the job is hands on training. It's physical at times, but rewarding. You will impress the old timers when you already know your clearances. They usually ask the newbies that as an initiation test.
  8. pulling 3 1.25" innerducts in 4" duct

    I place a lot of 3X1.25". Generally, a bull wheel(30") at the bottom tied off with a chain. I suspend it with another chain on a bar going across the manhole opening. I'm on the pulling end 98% of the time, and use a winch to pull it. Some other places use a samson line, but it serves the same purpose. If I'm only going a single manhole run, I get by with an 18" greenlee. It gets a chain at the bottom, and I suspend it with 2 quarter inch ropes tied to the racks to keep it stable. Depending on the type of innerduct, I try to keep the pulls 1500ft or less for the cheap smoothwall. If you just want to cheese it in there, you could drop in a snatch block, and pull with half inch rope. Stop when it gets to the snatch block.
  9. Old Bell System Safety Movies Parts 4 and 5

    I was expecting the funny ones, like "slips, trips, and falls". These here are amazing! I watched quite a few 70s(moslty 80s) films/videos when I hired on, but nothing like these.
  10. (AT&T SW)Premises Tech vs Outside Tech

    Dont forget, there's a difference between Outside Tech(I&R), and Outside Plant Tech(Lineman). They are still hiring a few Prem Techs out here this month, 13 just in Modesto CA, and 10 are already filled. Prem Techs are higher in the pay scale now. I think it's in the mid $20/hr I&R and Lineman are on the same pay scale(#2 below top). Splicing is the top pay scale at around a dollar more than the #2 level. Pay depends on where you live, and what union district controls it.
  11. CenturyLink buying Qwest

    I was reading that Verizon sold off their wireline, and AT&T was filing papers to do the same.
  12. lineman death

    It's one of a lineman's bigger fears when rollong up junk. Had to be a horrible thing to see for whoever had to get him cut out of the reel.
  13. at&t contractor

    I wouldnt say they're getting rid of Linemen in at&t. That has been a rumor since before I hired on 13 yrs ago. The job is much different than what a power guy does, but the job security is questionable as a contractor. I'd bet you would be running power to Uverse cabinets, and setting the cabinets themselves. Right now, the contractors are hustling just to keep up with us, which is great.
  14. Big Ed new chairman of General Motors?

    I was wondering the same thing. I saw him on a TV commercial. And to think Ma Bell paid him a fat chunk of retirement change. See what he does with GM. Maybe he'll add DSL and WIFI to the new cars. :D
  15. Altec RL1515

    Oh yes! It has a 3 speed, rated at 25k pounds and around 2400 ft long. It runs under the deck, so there's no mess. It'll pull 2 manhole runs of cable, innerduct, or high gear. Then there's the driver rollers like on a rewind truck. This was built to take place of a Hogg/Davis pulling trailer, and really shines for wrecking. I pulled a 1200ft piece of about a 200pr-24ga still lashed to strand in one shot...and filled up the wrecking reel. It'll break quadrupled up 1/2" yellow rope. I found a trick to getting more rpm out of it to spin the rollers faster, which will work on any IH built newer than 1996. It's a beast! Luxury items include a 3500 watt inverter, and 12 volt lighter outlet on the rear control panel.