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  1. New from CT

  2. New from CT

    Still waiting on 42, just signed up to get my Class B cdl just to have it before my permit expires, should have my Class B by the middle of april. Also got my Ui application in for apprentice lineworker. So I'm studying hard for the Cast test, just bought the book for it. Hopefully something comes through! Feeling close.
  3. New from CT

    Interview went good...they said theres about 100 ppl on the list and they just started a bootcamp last week. So i will just hope for the best and be ready!
  4. New from CT

    Thanks man! I'll let you know how it goes for sure. Good to know about UI too i still stay posted on that too. Danimal, what do you mean by that?? Do you still work out of 42??
  5. New from CT

    interview oct 14! nervous and excited. We'll see what happens!
  6. NEAT Bootcamp

    test went really good. Feeling confident that the test was a home run. Now just have to wait for an interview and be prepared for that.
  7. NEAT Bootcamp

    thanks man. been studying algebra. I do alot of math for my job right now as an oil terminal operator. I am excited to get this test outve the way. Im hoping i can do really well on the test and interview and rank high, from what I hear 42 is hiring pretty steadily.
  8. NEAT Bootcamp

    good luck man. Im taking my neat test for local 42 sept 12! Kinda nervous but have been studying my algebra so should be good. How is amtrak??
  9. New from CT

    Yeah i was told the same thing about UI. And as for 42, even if they dont let apprentices do that work I am hoping it frees up some work elsewhere for apprentices ya know? I mean 42 is posted on CT dept of labor website as wanting to take apps to Neat from april to october so im hoping they will do some hiring.
  10. New from CT

    Thanks man! I honestly have full confidence that I'll get in somewhere because I won't stop trying. I have a good job already so it takes some of the stress off, I just try and network and apply for anything. In the meantime i just stay in shape, study, meet people and apply for anything.Thanks for the heads up about groton, never knew they had their own lineman, I will stay on it.
  11. New from CT

    thanks man, i found those practice tests ive been taking them and will definitely focus on the algebra. Havent got a test date yet but will make sure I'm ready
  12. New from CT

    took the test, studied all the wrong stuff but managed to pass. Wasnt chosen for interview though, kinda figured with it being a town job. Friday morning i took my written cdl test for the permit and passed and got my app into Neat for 42. Trying to keep making progress, from what i hear they are actively hiring apprentices pretty good right now so im gonna give it a shot, Ill get in the door any way that i can. Any tips for studying for the 42 written test??
  13. New from CT

    Yeah, i didnt even know until i applied, they have their own lineman just like wallingford does. Seems like a good deal out there and they are ibew. I am just trying to make sure I am ready for the test!
  14. New from CT

    got invite to take apprentice lineworker test for norwich public utilities! on the app, it said only those with electrical or energy industry experience will be invited to test so I was hoping they would invite me considering my current job. I am going to study off the practices from Neats website and practice cast tests just to cover all bases. Must pass this thing!
  15. New from CT

    thanks man i'll look out for it! Im on Ui's website everyday, I apply for everything I can within Ui and NU  and study my cast book a few times a week. Definitely going to make it to do what I want to do no matter what.