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  1. Yeti sightings in Austin

    awesome designs
  2. Post your ride

    I remember this
  3. my new mug

    I had some credit on
  4. my new mug

    Chillin with my new mug
  5. New Lineman Cartoon Gallery

    Here's a photo gallery dedicated to Lineman Cartoons & Funnies. If it makes you laugh, or is as stupid as your new greenhorn apprentice this is where you'll find em. [url=""]http://www.line-man....neman-cartoons/[/url]
  6. [b] The Weather Channel Premieres New Anthology Series[/b] [center][b][b]Series Will Explore the Unique Lives of American Workers Impacted By Extreme Weather[/b] [/b][/center] [url=""]The Weather Channel Companies[/url] (TWCC) announced today it has greenlit [b]"Braving the Elements,[/b][b]"[/b] a new docudrama anthology series revealing the work, subculture and characters of professions that take place outdoors and are impacted by weather, seasons and extreme locations. The "Braving the Elements" anthology will feature multiple miniseries, each comprised of four 30-minute episodes, including: [b]"Lights Out,"[/b] following crews who are the first ones on the scene to restore power during inclement - and often severe - weather; [b]"Turbine Cowboys,"[/b] featuring the men and women who are pushed to the limit both physically and emotionally as they brave extreme heights and every conceivable weather condition to work on wind turbines; and [b]"Iron Men" (working title)[/b], profiling the iron workers who spend their days hundreds of feet above New York City. Additional titles in the anthology will be added throughout the year. "Working in extreme weather conditions requires a certain personality, and all of these miniseries feature a fascinating group of individuals who find their work thrilling, terrifying and rewarding all at the same time," said Bob Walker, executive vice president and general manager of networks and content, The Weather Channel. "As ‘Braving the Elements' explores the daily conditions in which these courageous men and women work, viewers will no doubt gain a profound respect for their contributions to society and our everyday lives." This original concept will take full advantage of the significant audience The Weather Channel brand has on television, the Web, mobile and tablet. Additional information on each miniseries is noted below: [b][u]LIGHTS OUT [/u][/b] When severe weather knocks out power and it's "lights out!," it's the unsung heroes of the Entergy Arkansas power crews who come to the rescue. "Lights Out" follows the modern day cavalry who comes to save the day when storms create havoc for communities. Winter ice storms, spring tornadoes, summer thunderstorms - they are all a part of life for these linemen, who often face perilous working conditions and tend to see more of each other than they do of their own families. Faced with the threat of danger every time they show up for work, these crews risk life and limb for their customers. Premiering in March 2012, "Lights Out" is produced by CSE. [b][u]TURBINE COWBOYS [/u][/b] Mother Nature is a powerful force and taming her is nearly impossible. Wind turbine workers risk their lives building, maintaining, and repairing these monolithic, modern day windmills: the wind turbines. "Turbine Cowboys" follows two teams: the would-be "wind techs" from their hardcore boot camp training through their first year in the field, and the seasoned veterans who are still challenged every day. They all face extreme weather, dizzying heights, and possible electrocution. We find out who is attracted to this job and why, and follow them as they push the envelope to wrestle electricity from the wind. Premiering in April 2012, "Turbine Cowboys" is produced by BCII ("Rides," "Overhaulin'"). [b][u]IRON MEN (WT)[/u][/b] Ironworking is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. If you think Chicago is the windy city, you're wrong - New York is actually windier, and the higher you build, the stronger the wind. Beyond fighting the wind, snow, and rain, an iron worker in New York has to battle the East Coast's bone-chilling cold as they walk steel beams hundreds of feet off the ground. "Iron Men" follows the workers of New York's Local 361 and Local 40 unions, the world's most respected ironworking unions. We'll follow their race to stay on schedule against weather hurdles on a multitude of projects, from the first footing to the final bolt - on a skyscraper, a bridge, or stadium. Every day, each member puts his life in the hands of his co-workers and that creates an unbreakable bond as well as high stakes and natural tension. Premiering in June 2012, "Iron Men" is produced by Pipeline39 (formerly known as KPI), the producers of "The Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero," as well as "MonsterQuest" and "MegaStructures.") "Braving the Elements"joins TWCC's stable of long-form original content, which includes its most recent additions, "Twist of Fate," "Storm Riders," "Coast Guard Alaska," and "Lifeguard!," premiering in March 2012. [b]About The Weather Channel Companies[/b] The Weather Channel companies (TWCC) are made up of The Weather Channel[sup]®[/sup] television network, The Weather Channel digital properties, and WSI. The Weather Channel is based in Atlanta and is seen in more than 100 million U.S. households. TWCC also operates Weatherscan[sup]®[/sup], a 24-hour all-local weather network; The Weather Channel Radio Network; and The Weather Channel HD. The most popular source of weather news and information, TWCC properties reach 60 million monthly Web consumers ( and Desktop) and 32 million monthly mobile users (mobile Web and applications) and offers the second most popular mobile app on all smartphones. WSI, headquartered in Andover, MA, primarily provides business-to-business weather services, particularly for the media, aviation, marine and energy sectors. TWCC is owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. For more information, visit [url=""][/url]. [url=""][img][/img][/url]
  7. Open Foot - Insert Mouth

    burning the dark side of the keyboard just for you Dave
  8. Open Foot - Insert Mouth

    [quote name='olo131' timestamp='1332546070' post='157823'] But some thing to be proud of!!! [/quote]
  9. NC thief breaks into prison to steal copper

    Haven't they heard of the Copper Road Squirrel. That shits long gone
  10. Open Foot - Insert Mouth

    Did I say that wrong or did that just come out funny.......? Maybe not if your a t-shirt provider in the lineman trade. I was pretty amused by this article I saw being syndicated out over the web. Drop the bugnuts and step away from the pole! [quote]Linemen ### Launches Line of Unique Lineman Shirt Designs[/quote] [quote] Lineman ### officially launched their lineman shirt line with the announcement and introduction of their first hand drawn design. Somerset, Ohio (PRWEB) March 22, 2012 Linemen ### launched their innovative line of lineman shirts earlier this month with the introduction of their first design, Bust'n A Load. The industry correct design features a lineman on a pole using a hot stick to bust a load in the darkness as a bright flash occurs. All of the designs from Linemen ### will feature illustrations of linemen completing common duties that are exciting or definitive of the industry. Owned by a line family, Linemen ### originally launched their business to bring innovation to a stale industry. [u]Many of the long-standing companies in the industry have stopped producing innovative or interesting designs. Those in the industry that are working to bring new ideas seem focus on the scary or negative. The designs are appealing to most linemen, but in an industry that finds itself on the top 5 most dangerous jobs list, some have chosen to avoid reminders of the danger of the job[/u]. "[u]Dozens of line related businesses have opened on print-on-demand websites because the shop owners haven't found what they are looking for on larger industry websites. With the lack of interesting designs and quality in the industry, I decided we needed to offer more to the thousands looking for interesting lineman t-shirts and lineman decals. I also wanted to support the line industry and the families of linemen who have been lost on the line," stated [b]Krista Conway[/b], owner of Linemen ###.[/u] Mrs. Conway is no stranger to the power line industry. She has been married to a Journeyman Lineman since 2000 and founded a popular line wife support group in 2008. The group, which now boasts over 900 members, has grown dramatically in the last few months. "I have always been paid to promote other peoples businesses, but in December of last year I decided to start working on my own projects. Since then the size of the Powerline ### group has doubled and Linemen ### has gone from being nonexistent to a force to be reckoned with," continued Krista. Lineman shirts and decals are popular in an industry that is very proud of their line of work. Krista was rather candid regarding her feelings about the power line industry as a whole and the services offering shirts and decals. She continued, "Linemen work a dangerous job that provides a service that no one can live without. No passer by is going to stop and do a lineman's job. They simply can't. Linemen cannot be replaced and our country cannot function without them. That fact is proven every time there is a large storm where thousands lose power. We hope that our designs will bring pride and awareness to the men and women that risk their lives everyday on the lines. This industry has been nothing if not poorly served in terms of the designs of lineman shirts and other items available for purchase and we plan to change that." Linemen ###'s store opened on January 24, 2012 and has already captured a percentage of market share. For more information on Linemen ### or Powerline ###, [/quote]
  11. Bell Canada's new camoflaged cell towers

    If you found it, it's easy to tell it's a fake, but to the average joe driving down the road, It probably makes a huge difference not having to look at the poles. We have Rule 20 projects out here where the city is taking utilities undeground and the after looks way better than all the aerial structures and conductors everywhere
  12. 2012 SCTE Trade show and tech games

    All I can say is......droid this Menu >> view image >> save image >> menu >> set as contact picture >> menu >> select contact >> olo131 >> done
  13. Bell Canada's new camoflaged cell towers

    Their everywhere in nor-cal
  14. 2012 SCTE Trade show and tech games

    Olo, sorry to hear ya did so bad this year. Next year we got your back. Dave and I'll become your personal trainers and head out to the competition with ya. Well make sure your on a good liquid diet and not out on the town the night before the big games. Working on a few things beginning with your hard hat, I've came up with this new OSHA approved plad hardhat. It's got an optional prop spinner for mounting on top to help cool excessive overheating in the jeopardy round the extra metals are just forward looking and to use for balancing the plad pattern Dave choose. I really think it makes the logo stand out.
  15. Can someone explain ch 99 on xfinity - Comcast and it purpose. I get a "not authorized"