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  1. Scotchcast

    do you remember when they decided to maintain anything under 100pr with "0" psi by blocking and venting?
  2. Scotchcast

    anyone know where I can purchase a small amount of Scotchcast, I need some for a home project.
  3. Rat's Nest

      PATTAYA:--Blasted in the media and online for dangerous, low-hanging jumbles of wires hanging from its utility poles, the Provincial Electricity Authority blamed shoddy work by technicians from cable-television and Internet suppliers for the problem.   PEA technical officer Panya Boonsamer May 12 said every company other than the PEA is responsible for adding to the cable problem so evident throughout Pattaya, especially along Sukhumvit Road.   He explained that when a customer signs up for a new or different cable-TV, Internet or telephone service, technicians from those providers string a new live wire. At the same time, they’re supposed to remove the old, dead cable from the power poles, on which companies rent space.   In reality, however, few technicians bother to remove the old cable, even when they see the weight of the existing lines has caused the entire bundle to sag.   Panya said PEA has contacted all the companies renting space on its pole to address the problem and remove dead lines. However, he acknowledged the process may take time as all the work requests must make their way through corporate bureaucracies and be approved by head offices in Bangkok.
  4. Hi Folks Been a long time since I've posted here, been too busy making the most of my retirement. I have been splicing since 1963 and retired in 2003. I have worked for most Telco's, contractors and finally the US Gov. I started at the time that pot wiping was being worked out and torch wiping was becoming the standard. At the time twisting was also being phased out and mechanical connectors were showing up, first with the beanies and then pic-a-bond and for the plastic cable 3 M Scotchlok. Needless to say our hands take a real beating, what they call now Respective Motion Disease and many of us had to have carpal tunnel surgery My CTS symptoms started in 1968 and I had no luck getting it diagnosed at the time no one knew about it. I suffered with it until 1974 when a doctor in the DC area told me what I had and did the surgical procedure that offered instant relief. Today CTS is very common and it seems like everyone has it, if you don’t have it (as a splicer) consider yourself lucky. Also CTS is now covered by workman compensation. The reason I am dwelling upon hand health is because I have been recently been diagnosed with cancer of the right thumb. It was very surprising to the six doctors that were treating it as a wart.  The last doctor did a biopsy and it turned out to be Melanoma. Unfortunately I go in on the 26th to have it removed at the first joint. I do not want to turn this into a scare letter I just want to get the point across to my fellow splicers to keep a watchful eye on your hands. My original symptoms felt like I had a splinter in the tip of my thumb (how many times has that happened) that grew more painful as time went on. The tip of my thumb did not show any change in color but the pain continued especially when I would accidentally bump it.   I normally have pain in my hands for the beating over the years they endured, seems like it starts around 2 pm everyday.  It’s not like joint pain more like nerve pain. Narcotic pain pills and an antidepressant can help but I don’t like taking the antidepressant because it turns me into a zombie. I loved my job as a top craft cable splices and would do it over again but this time I would not treat my hands like tools. Please pay attention to your hands; I am lucky I’m just loosing my thumb! Paul      
  5. Micky Power

    I have bigger copies if anyone wants them. Enjoy!
  6. Hope this works. please read from the top down. Nitebell
  7. Line in Use/Line Privacy Issues

    Hi Leon I am at a loss as to why you are using the ChannelPlus DMT-16 distribution panel. If I recall the phones you are using is a KSU-less office system. I would think that all you would have to do is run your Iplines to the phones directly from your TA to the Pots ports on the phones. I have seen KSU-less systems freak out because of one phone on the system is bad so try pulling one phone at a time to see if your problem goes away. Also because cat.6 is twisted tighter than a gnat’s hatband verses cat.3 telephone cable, you cannot get the distance out of cat.6.; 300 ft is the limit of cat.6 for data lines so I would think you are on the outer limits for the phone system you are using. I don’t want to go into a lot of painful technical data of IP telephony but when I switched over to IP for my service, I had to call the provider and they remotely changed the CPH timing to get my voice mail system to release. Hope this helps. Good Luck! Paul
  8. Lineman prints

    He's a Telephone Lineman in the process stringing a new lead sheathed cable. He is transferring a lashing machine from one side of the pole to the other. In his right hand he is attaching a temporary lashing wire clamp to hold the lashing wire to the strand. Once he cuts the wire, he will lift the lashing machine from his right side and set it back down on the cable/strand on his left side. He will use a second temporary clamp to hold the wire while the ground grunts pull the machine to the next pole where another lineman is waiting to repeat the process. Once the machine is correctly on it’s way to the next pole, he will then replace the temp clamps with permanent bug nuts, straps and spacers on both sides of the pole. Hope that made sense!
  9. military line

    Thanks for the warm welcome and glad to have found this form. I started out over forty years ago as a Grunt and worked my up to Central Office repairman (top Craft with the phone co.) I have worked for contractors from border to border and coast to coast. Also been overseas 15 years TDY during that time. I am retired now and living in SW Florida fishing and loving life. Line work was good to me; hard work never hurt anyone. I am healthier and in better shape than a lot of friend’s my same age and I owe it all to the Hooks I have hanging in my living room. Cheers! Nitebell.
  10. military line

    Hi Folks, I’m new to this form and would like to clarify some of the myths on secret cable. The cable you have discovered was used in part of a huge private government telephone system called AUTOVON an Acronym for Automatic Voice Network. Superseded by Defense Switched Network. If you do a search on AUTOVON on the Internet you will find more information than you can or want to digest. Over the course of my telephone employment I have had the opportunity work with ATT Government systems (One of many contractors that provided support to the AUTOVON systems). The system was designed to withstand all but a direct hit of a nuke, called Hardened. However, with all that protection in place they had a hell of a time protecting the cable from the dreaded BACKHOE. To try and protect the cable, ATT flew Arial surveillance flights daily. If they spotted a backhoe (that didn’t have a permit) about to dig in an area close to the cable, the pilot would drop a blue power bomb as close as he could to get the attention of the operator. Inside the bomb were instructions to stop digging immediately and to call a specified number. Probably more information than you wanted to know but I thought at the time…. how cool would that job be? Hell I would have worked for nothing. Cheers! Nitebell