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  1. The latest for this guy:   After spending almost a year and a half working with a contractor, I stumbled upon a job opening back home.  It was two days before the deadline to submit a resume, so I updated mine and sent it in.  I wasn't expecting anything just figured I had nothing to lose.  The next week I received an email for an interview. Interview went well and they said over 40 people had applied and they would have a few back for a second interview after they finished interviewing everyone.  Another week passed and I received an email for a second interview! I didn't think it would have gone this far so now I had to really consider the opportunity I had both where I'm at and being a mile from home.  The second interview was more of a ride along to meet some of the guys and see how they work.  A weekend passed and I made the four and a half hour drive back up north to work wondering what it would be like to work a mile from home.  Monday afternoon I was offered the job and I accepted it Tuesday.  I will start June 2nd working 7-3 M-F 1.04 miles from home, although I will not make as much in the long run and will give up some pretty awesome benefits, I will get to see my two year old daughter and four year old son every night. No more 14 hour days, 7 days a week for three months straight, 300 miles from home!
  2. Just a quick update here in WI working as an apprentice with MOVALLEY JATC. I'm slowly coming up on a year since I began here and a handful of new hires start Monday.  I can't believe how much I've learned so far and how much more there is yet to learn.  I should be 3rd step by the time I've been here a year.  I'm a bit ahead on my books and have all of my transmission hours.     For those of you out there looking to get started, it's never to late to apply! Working for a contractor has it's perks ($$$ & benefits)  Being on the road sometimes 20+ days with a family is hard but the plan is that I don't have to do it forever.
  3. So far everything I've done is construction.  Lot of 115KV steel Hframes.  Love it so far, it gets better every day the more I learn and actually get to do.  Keeping up on my books and only wishing I would have started sooner. I will try to get pictures up soon.
  4. Hey Guys,   So I've been working transmission a few months now and wow is there a lot to learn! The five years I spent in CATV construction did little to prepare me for transmission work.  I'm very happy that I was able to get into this apprenticeship program and am loving every bit about being a member of the IBEW.  I'm not going to lie, I still look at CATV lines just as much as power lines and am currently working in a city I did a lot of fiber/cable in and remember every bug nut, strap, and fiber tag I put on.     Hard work and the right attitude go a long way in this industry!
  5. Another step completed for my Missouri Valley Apprenticeship.  I completed the orientation week every apprentice has to go through when going through Missouri Valley.  Of 18 guys that started, 14 of us made it through.  My success so far can be 100% credited to all of my experience doing CATV.  Line-school isn't the only way to become a power lineman.  Those of you considering going to line-school, I've seen plenty of guys that went to line-school without power jobs!  It's a great feeling to have made it to this point! Back to Northern Wisconsin to work transmission!
  6. Thanks! I'll be sure to post, look forward to switching from the CATV industry to POWER!
  7. So today I called and wanted to make sure they had my correct phone number and give them an additional number. The woman from MO Valley was like "I can tell you your rank right away...3rd." So I was expecting a call sometime this week but no, two hours later I get the call! I start Monday and I'll be working about 5 hrs north of where I live now. As a cable construction foreman, my guys are not thrilled I'm leaving but it's time to move onto something with a future. I look forward to being the best grunt out there and to work my way up!
  8. Well I guess I'll post an update for anyone looking into Missouri Valley JATC. I interviewed this past week after waiting about 10 months from when I applied. There was no math test like the website mentions. I interviewed at the end of a long conference table with 8 guys mostly from the local contractors. The asked me situational questions, questions pertaining to the program itself, and a few personality type questions. I will now wait until next week to find out what I ranked and then hopefully get picked up by a contractor soon after that. I'll be sure to post again but anyone with any questions about missouri valley feel free to ask.
  9. Your most useful tool

    [quote name='Adam Hall' timestamp='1343570199' post='162330'] While framing some poles the other day I wondered if there was a rangefinder that would work for framing heights...found one at harbor freight for $20 and will try it out next week. It will be nice if it can save us from getting the measuring sticks out for each pole. [/quote]'s junk
  10. Your most useful tool

    While framing some poles the other day I wondered if there was a rangefinder that would work for framing heights...found one at harbor freight for $20 and will try it out next week. It will be nice if it can save us from getting the measuring sticks out for each pole.
  11. Just when you think you have a tough job

    Great share Olo, Just another reminder of all the things I take for granted!
  12. Old Micro Fusion Splicer

    Actually first thing that comes up is the warning that the electrodes need to be changed now...this being said he doesn't give two S*#ts. He is a fool and there isn't much I can do about it except keep telling him. We do bring them in after every time we use them...can't trust them locked in the trailer inside a locked yard. I was only able to get about a handful of zeros and won't even mention a couple I let go after I was about out of fiber. Someday I might work for a company that invests in equipment...for now I'll do what I gotta do.
  13. Old Micro Fusion Splicer

    Spliced 36 burns the other night to replace a damaged fiber and our 40 was working like crap...almost cosidered busting out the backup 30. Owner of my company insists the 60s is junk but I'd like you guys to say otherwise? Don't think I'll ever see one with this company but it sure would be nice to try!