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  1. How did you get where you are?

    same is going on here, there is good type of guys who would like to get hired as linemen, but power companies arent refreshing their lineup and within next five years almost 50% of the linemen retire.. and as effect for that, contractors cannot afford new guys to be trained to fullfill that need, when its on, a bit tricky times were living now.. personally im in dare need of apprentice and/or buddy with similar skills than im having to work with me and allow me to get better contracts, but at this moment, i cannot afford to hire anyone or if i could hire, dunno if i could provide this guy any longer than 3mth contract :(
  2. Who the heck allows this....

    firemen are known to be like that everywhere, like said, theyre not the sharpest pencil in penbox   sorry to say, but being brave is not walking hand to hand being grazy to show off to everyone.. ive always admired for example rodeo riders, they take insane looking risks, but they seriously know what theyre doing and it takes loads of nerves to ride 1500lbs beast, i could never do it, cause dont have right type of guts or skill to do so  but im wise enough not to try which apparenty most firemen arent  
  3. How did you get where you are?

    i just think you would love to work on power side
  4. Post your ride

    havent tested Patrol at dyno, but it has quite more power than stock engine has. guys have started to make it real offroad beast, but decided to sell it away because it has so much things to do (broken), anyway engine has quite nice sounds, charged close to max and tuned to get more diesel for better output, 2wd it drifts easily with 2nd gear on dry pavement   needs some welding between driving and also new or fixxed gearbox  cause fifth gear gives quite a howling on highway..
  5. Who the heck allows this....

    ive always known firemen are not the sharpest pen in the penbox..   that mofo btw gets some electricity, cause he bends on his knees.. if you look real close he changes his grip from the stick and tries to "escape", i bet its not full jolt, but some leftover voltage from either stick or from ground he stands
  6. How did you get where you are?

    im glad that in Finland powerlinemen are not even thought to be nice to customers, its enough if you greet them and say two words what youre doing it doesnt mean we can be rude to people, but we are not required to be "customer service" nice to them
  7. Side Cutters

    well, theyre more sophisticated tools than other brands ive tested, but the key reason why im using them is theyre made to last, forever and some more. take for example side cutters, i can break Knipex by slamming cutters with hammer to cut wires i cannot barehanded cut, Knipex will eventually break when you do this, but Bahco, well my cutters are more than ten years old and been hammering those for quite a lot only problem here is that theyre VERY expensive, same size side cutters, one gets Knipex for 35 euros and Bahco can be upto 70 and that insane pricing goes through their product range
  8. Side Cutters

    TheCattleman, could send you sample for those, but side cutters costs around 70 euros and "kleins" are equally pricey, so with the subcontracting prices here... you have to stick that number two alternative, which is Knipex   Bahco is big and old brand in europe, it makes the best quality hand tools for builders and now electricity field, which came last like twenty years ago or so..
  9. Post your ride

    buha, my ride decided to threw oils and some parts outside from gearbox and needed to find replacement to get work done.. gonna sell that Nissan Terrano (Ford Maveric) for good, seems like its too petite for real linework, even im doing mostly inspection and light maintenance..   My new (used) ride, should get me into woods and also back from there!     "old" and "new" side by side, might be the last time these two see eachother in same yard  
  10. Pics of the day that makes you say ...?

    not installation related, but this is taken last monday, had REALLY bad starting for the week... its my work cars gerbox which is in the pic.. love being contractor when this kinda *hit happens..  
  11. Side Cutters

    Bahco Ergo.. Knipex has too shy mouth and for indoor cabling installations, it "spits" cable out, thus one needs to use more power to cut cable, Bahco on the other hand is more quality too, lasts longer (lifetime).. me tinks bahco tools are not sold in USA, theyre swedish made, state-of-the-art handtools. http://www.bahco.com/english/
  12. Cutting out sucks!

    well, line inspections have long history in finland and first they started to inspect transmission lines, right after they were build in mid twenties. shortly after that also distripution came along, imagine the amount of data utilities store, about their networks.. kinda, our whole network is based on this pre-planning of maintenance, we seldom have cut outs of any sort (transmission) and distripution has also been ranked to one of the highest "online" figures of all countries. can proudly say, without any boasting that our inspection methods and programmes, with careful planning of maintenance are the highest quality what can be offered around globe. actually finns are selling these programmes/plans to for example USA by couple of large contractors/utilities, or trying to sell them.   kinda, most nations fix when problem emerges and send emergency crews on site, here we fix before something goes wrong and still keep emergency crews ready for action
  13. Cutting out sucks!

    when were doing inspections encase of rot/decay for CCA pole is to dig it open from the base around one feet and then stick it with spike, take numbers up and calculate how much good wood is left in pole base, there is either paragraphs which show whether or not pole is still good to go, or need to be changed. it kinda takes cable/wire and pole length and shows how much stress it can take. if pole is bad we mark it with one or two yellow stripes depending on severity (old method was to draw X or XX with saw or chainsaw), one is that one cannot climb anymore, unless pole is supported before climbing, two is complete no climbing mark and pole should be changed asap. there is differend methods what can be used to determinate how much wood has decayed, without opening the base and these are more effective and faster than traditional way, but are considered business secrets by companies ive been subcontracting. for creosote we use "acoustic test", simply hammer the base upto mans height and listen whether wood sounds good or bad, if bad pole is spotted, its drilled for closer look and once again paragraphs (or inspection computer) shows whats the status of pole and if it must be changed.   utility companies have their own variables for how fast they want to change poles etc, but as for line inspector, we just gather intel and its their work to decide what they do for the faults weve spotted. heh talking about "we", because its second full season for me subcontracting line inspections and have still good 5000 poles left on the area im working now   so if you want to know how to be smartass and pain in the butt for line crews, just ask me, im good at what im doing im called nazi-niko for a reason
  14. Pics of the day that makes you say ...?

    Chip, okay didnt know about those nodes they dont need power to be able to work. oh the caps, yes that much i remember from school, never leave low volt systems without caps, same goes with fiber i think.. :D
  15. Cutting out sucks!

    CCA salt poles rot from beneath the surface, yes they start to decay from the visible area, but dig open one feet and you see difference to the wood being in daylight. or do you guys call "CCA" something else than those green "salt" preserved wood poles? if not, either soil is differend, or tree type is differend but here its very common problem that from surface to one feet depth, theyre rot very badly and 10 inch base diameter can be as little as 4 inches of solid wood (or nothing), rest is soft porridge and 4 inches is a bit too little to withstand stress of climber (at times). ive seen these poles hanging from cables, was able to push through base of the pole with my fingers :D